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Darjeeling Pearl White Tea


Darjeeling Pearl White Tea

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An exclusive and extremely rare spring White Tea from one of Darjeeling’s flagship organic plantations, Arya. Handpicked just before sunrise, the Arya Pearl populars retains the ‘two leaf & a bud’ look, contrary to white teas which generally bear a silver needle appearance. Manufactured from ​superior clonal bushes, the tea boasts of a fresh & floral aroma with a bright & majestic infusion. The extremely mellow flavour along with a delicate smooth body with undertones of fresh greens makes for an ecstatic experience. The finish is long, sweet and sensational. Involving extreme levels of skilled craftsmanship, perfect timing of harvest, an intuitive manufacturing process backed by decades of experience, this entirely hand-manufactured tea is at par ​the finest​ vintage white wine​s. A limited edition first flush tea which can be steeped multiple times and has to be served straight with absolutely no accompaniments.


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